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Carl Hirsch President
Carl Hirsch

Carl Hirsch started his career on the factory floor, developing an intimate knowledge of grinding, mixing, milling and canning. Working his way through both the conventional and UV labs at Ink Systems, he eventually found his way to the customer ink rooms, where he learned about their most demanding challenges, and in return delivered agile on time solutions to keep the customer on pace, producing a high-quality product, with the least amount of waste. Carl is a supporting board member of Paperboard and Packaging Council and is known as an innovative leader in the industry. Now, as the leading force behind Ink Systems he is poised to deliver customer needs based on his many years of hands-on experience servicing the printing industry.

Urban Hirsch President
Urban Hirsch

Urban Hirsch III, is the founder and CEO of Ink Systems, whom has always contributed to the industry through his lengthy and illustrious career. Starting in 1985, Urban has led Ink Systems to be known as the leader in the high-end in-plant segment and known for exceptional quality and service. Urban continues to give back and serve the industry in numerous ways. He was the founder/first President of Los Angeles Printing Ink Production Club, President of NAPM, and past board of PIASC. Giving back to the community is vital to Urban and Ink Systems and they are deeply involved with the Casa Youth Shelter and the Inner City Arts Program.

Pete Notti Technical Director
Pete Notti
Technical Director

Pete Notti’s vast experience in ink formulation is how Ink Systems delivers unique solutions to our customer’s most demanding environments and challenges. He continues to work with customers closely in delivering unique solutions, supporting an array of applications. His commitment is to the same level of excellence in quality and service as the rest of the leadership. His experience and expertise on the technical aspects of quality control (QC) and assurance (QA) make him uniquely qualified in delivering the highest quality product and services to our customers. Pete has flourished in the ink industry and is a recipient of the Technical Achievement Award from the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM).

Lisa Fine Technical Director
Lisa Fine
Technical Director

Lisa is one of the industry’s leading experts in UV, HUV and LED inks. She brings a vast array of expertise in formulating high performance stable inks that impact total job performance. She leads the way in the development of our new series of high-performance inks. The color stability and accuracy are far superior to anything on the market today. Through an individualized approach, Lisa works closely with our customers to further maximize performance, reduce waste, and lower overall job costs. Lisa is one of three individuals to receive the highest awards in the industry – the Technical Achievement Award, the Printing Ink Pioneer Award and the Ault Award – in the more than 100-year history of the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM).

Robert Lu CFO
Robert Lu

As the head of operations, Robert has one of the most challenging tasks; the day to day balancing of operation at Ink Systems. Meeting our customer’s challenges is one of the key foundations of Ink Systems. Having started his career in the ink rooms, he has an intimate knowledge of our customer’s challenges, making sure Ink Systems is poised and ready to meet those challenges. We not only deliver the highest level of service when it comes to ink, but in all aspects of the business. Robert, like the rest of the leadership, embodies the principle of quality products and services, and continues to work across departments to ensure that the same level of commitment to quality and service is infused throughout all departments.

Shawn Bakhtiar Sr. Software Engineer
Shawn Bakhtiar
Software Engineer

At the heart of Ink Systems is the custom MRP (Manufacture and Resource Planning) software. Early on, Urban recognized that the current software simply lacked the metrics necessary to successful provide customers with the data they needed from the ink room. As such, all Ink Systems’ software has been custom developed to meet not just Ink Systems' specific and demanding standards, but our customer’s specific needs as well. With one of the most comprehensive regulatory and compliance capabilities built directly into Ink Systems' proprietary software, no other company can deliver on our customers informational needs, often working with customers, at the inplant level, to build custom reports and data points for service.

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Our sales team is dedicated to make sure our customers can perform at their best by providing and inegral link between our customers and other departements, such as order fullfilment, technical assistance through the labs, and making sure our customers receive the highest level service possible.
Denny Pearson
Denny Pearson
Alan Harvey
Alan Harvey
Alan Harvey
Jim Monroe
Pete Polusky
Pete Polusky
Todd Harvey
Todd Harvey
Scott Waight
Scott Waight
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